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Photo Tips

The better the photo the better the paw-trait

• FOCUS If using a camera on your phone, play between portrait and photo mode.

• LIGHTING If taking pictures outside do it in the shade or on a cloudy day. Sun or anything bright has a tendency to wash out the picture quality. Natural light is the best.

• QUALITY I'm looking to see the individual furs. A good way to test this is after you take the shot, zoom in on it and see if the fur is sharp or not.

• DISTANCE Aim for the nose! Keep the camera at your pet's eye level or below. Don’t be afraid to sit on the floor and literally get eye to eye and if they are small lie down on the ground with them. Take close-up shots of the facial features, especially the eyes and mouth.

• PERSONALITY It can take anywhere from 2 to 92+ photos to capture one that is perfect. And YOU know YOUR dog and their quirks and special traits better than anyone. Try to capture those unique traits in your photos. 

When in Doubt, Aim for the Snout


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