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Pet Portrait Commissions

I have always had a deep and personal connection with animals. My relationship with Max (my dog) is unlike any other relationship I have had, person and animal alike. Max inspired me to begin my series of pet portraits and the early paintings of Max received a great deal of admiration in the way I was able to capture his personality -- even in works I created showing Max's expression in a painting revealing only one eye or a tiny bit of his tongue. I soon found I could have similar connections with other people's animals and reflect that connection in my works. 

Having painted pet portraits for a few years, I have found a great deal of joy meeting people and their pets. Having had the opportunity to memorialize animals who are no longer with their humans and being able to capture the spirit of pets I have been able to meet in person, I am able to connect with both people and their animal families. These connections are what allow me to create portraits that truly capture the spirit and presence of the pets. 

I often have the opportunity to hold informal photo shoots with animals where I create reference photos for the future works. These in-person experiences afford me the ability to experience the personality of the animals I paint and it is directly influential on my unique talent to capture that animal-spark in my artworks. You can see that connection visually expressed in such portraits like Mason. 

I am currently accepting commissions for pet portraits. I would love the opportunity to discuss my process, expectations, and fees with future clients. Feel free to contact me through the email address listed below. 

I cannot wait to meet your fur family. 


Max, 2019
Acrylic on canvas
Mason - Shelter Dog No. 4
Mason, 2019
Acrylic on canvas
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