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Bewick's Wren


Bird 3 of 5

Yes, ya found me! 

I’m a non-migratory bird native to the San Lorenzo riverbed. 


I’m in the large group of birds called songbirds. Before our first winter of life, young males of my species learn songs from their parents and neighbors and remember the collection for life! I love open woodlands by rivers or streams for my habitat, as long as there are shrubs I can hide in. It can be hard to spot me, even when I’m nearby chattering and singing. My favorite snacks are insects and some berries. I’m named after an English naturalist, Thomas Bewick. 


Bewick’s Wrens have been rescued 69 times by the Native Animal Rescue in the past 5 years.


Listen to my song.


Photographer credit: Eric Gofreed


Keep questing and find the other birds! 

(Snowy Egret, Red-Tailed Hawk, Black Phoebe, Lesser Goldfinch)


Thank you to the Santa Cruz Arts Council, The Tannery Art Complex, Radius Gallery, Santa Cruz Bird Club, Native Animal Rescue (Lisa Rose), Lorrie Klosterman (author of Animals and Plants of Monterey Bay: Santa Cruz Shoreline), The Bird School Project (Kevin Condon) for making this public installation project possible.

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